Balkan Insight is a product of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and is committed to providing balanced, fair, ethical and accurate reporting to the highest standards.

The website has built a reputation as the most comprehensive, professional and independent source of news in English in the Balkan region, which provides the public with relevant and insightful reporting on key regional issues.

It provides a free-to-access daily news service and Premium Content, a paid service that offers in-depth analysis, commentary, investigative reports, features, interviews and profiles on the latest business and political headlines.

Balkan Insight is the news source of choice for policy-makers, corporate management and academic researchers around the world.

The countries that Balkan Insight covers on a daily basis are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.

Balkan Insight draws on BIRN’s pool of professional specialist journalists and editors from across the Balkans, ensuring high-quality content refined by a team of native English language editors.

Correspondents address issues including the refugee crisis, transitional justice, the Kosovo-Montenegro border dispute, Russia’s influence in the region, Serbia-Kosovo relations and religious radicalisation, as well as political crises in the region including the transition of power in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ongoing malaise.

In addition to our team of correspondents, our writers include respected authors and commentators on the region, including international political and government figures.

Through high-quality reporting and by creating a pool of skilled journalists, the website examines and scrutinises key processes, steers debates and provides the public with impartial and reliable information.

Our team of correspondents and editors have won many national and international awards including several CEI-SEEMO Awards for Outstanding Merits in Investigative journalism, EU Investigative Journalism Awards in Albania, Serbia and Macedonia, the Superscrieri award (Romania), awards from the UNDP, UN Women and the Macedonian Media Institute. Alumni of the Balkan Fellowship for Journalism Excellence programme have won the European Press Prize, the Jug Grizelj award (Serbia), the Nikola Mladenov award (Macedonia), the Vangjush Gambeta award (Albania) and awards from the Koha Group (Kosovo), the Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies, the US Embassy in Belgrade and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina, and UNICEF.

In 2016 alone, Balkan Insight, with content that is partly open to subscribers only, had more than two million users and more than 6,200,000 page views. About 55 per cent of the visits were by people who had never visited the site before.

Balkan Insight is a product of BIRN, a group of affiliated charitable organisations from across the region. BIRN is funded by a range of international governments, NGOs and charitable funds with an interest in the region.

The organisation’s core work is the promotion of a free and independent media and the training of journalists and media houses to international standards.

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