Five Balkan Women Inspiring Generations

March 8, 2019
To celebrate International Women’s Day, meet five women from across the Balkans who are all making a difference in the struggle to improve women’s rights, education and technology.


Marking this important day, we bring you five inspirational women from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bulgaria who – in the battle to achieve gender equality in the region – are using technology, education and activism to empower their work.

Those featured are Jadranka Milicevic, executive director of the CURE Foundation in Sarajevo, Djurdja Grozaj, President of the ‘Kamensko’ association in Zagreb, Nikoleta Popkostadinova, the creator of LoveGuide, a platform for sexual and health education for teenagers across Bulgaria, Arta Shehu Zaimi, co-founder of jCoders Academy and Labbox in Kosovo, and Maja Savic, director of the Atina association, which works to protect victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence.