Kosovo Indicts Six For Planning Terrorist Attacks

Six Kosovo citizens were indicted for planning terrorist attacks against Kosovo Serb dance clubs and churches, international KFOR troops – and against targets in France and Belgium.
The Palace of Justice in Pristina. Photo: BIRN.

Kosovo prosecutors indicted six Islamist militants on Saturday for planning attacks and suicide bombings in Kosovo, France and Belgium from December 2017 to June 2018, the indictment obtained by BIRN says. 

Bujar Behrami, known as Ebu Musab El-Albani, Resim Kastrati, known PC Habibi, Gramos Shabani, Albert Ademaj, Leotrim Musliu and Edona Haliti were also charged with establishing an organisation planning attacks in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

The indictment says Behrami attempted to create a group called “Supporters of the Islamic State in the Land of Eagles” to plan the attacks in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

In Kosovo, they allegedly planned to bomb two disco clubs “Kamboxha” and “Insomnia”, in the Serb-majority municipality of Gracanica, and the Orthodox Church in Serb-run North Mitrovica.

Resim Kastrati’s alleged role was to supply the alleged perpetrators with weapons and explosives, but also to recruit suicide bombers.

The prosecution said Behrami received 9,000 euros from a German citizen with the purpose of buying firearms and explosives.

Shabani, who also has Belgian citizenship, allegedly planned attacks in Belgium and France.

Acting on the instructions of the indicted Gramoz Shabani, Haliti was allegedly involved in preparing terrorist attacks in Kosovo by planning bombings targetting KFOR troops in Kosovo during May and June 2018.

Two other two accused, Albert Ademaj and Leotrim Musliu, are charged with aiding and abetting the perpetrators by not reporting the plans of the jihadist group. 

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