In Pictures: Macedonian Right-Wingers Rally Against Name Change

February 28, 2018
Up to 10,000 people rallied on Tuesday evening in the Macedonian capital Skopje against a possible compromise with Greece over the country’s name, arguing that changing it is not in the national interest.

The main demand was an “unconditional stop” to the ongoing UN-sponsored ‘name’ talks between Skopje and Athens. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


 The Macedonian diaspora was commended for financially aiding the protest. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


Protesters also demanded the withdrawal of the recently-adopted Law on Languages which extends the language rights of ethnic Albanians. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


Protesters also demanded the abandonment of the recently-signed ‘friendship agreement’ with Bulgaria. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


The protesters had no luck with the weather. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


It was if the government sent the snow to hamper the protest, some of the participants joked. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


 The most passionate protesters were members of ‘patriotic’ organisations in black uniforms and red berets. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


The organisers, a pan-Macedonian organisation, the United Macedonian Diaspora and other groups, were satisfied with the thousands-strong turnout. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


Many were equally disappointed in the opposition right-wing VMRO DPMNE party for not supporting the protest. Photo by Robert Atanasovski


The rally was not supported by any of the major political parties in the country. Photo by Robert Atanasovski