Bosnia: Trebinje Group in Apology to Genocide Victims

April 21, 2010
A civil society organisation from Republika Srpska has condemned the Bosnian Serb government's decision to order another commission to investigate the facts surrounding the July 1995 mass killings in Srebrenica.

The Alternative Club of Trebinje has called on the War Crimes Chamber in Bosnia and Herzegovina to take action against Republika Srpska officials for denying genocide in Srebrenica.

The Republika Srpska government announced this week that it would order another investigation into the July 1995 mass killings in Srebrenica.

“It is a serious humiliation for the already humiliated Serb people, originating from the criminal matrix headed by Milorad Dodik.”

“Because these are serious criminal offenses on the grounds of genocide denial, dissemination of hate, falsehood…, we demand from Section I (War Crimes) of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina immediate action taken against the President of RS; President of the National Assembly of RS and President of the ruling RS administration,” a public statement signed by Bozo Stevovic, the director of the Club read.

The Alternative Club of Trebinje is a majority Serb organisation. Trebinje is city in Hercegovina where ethnic cleansing was carried out in 1992. Most non-Serbs still have not returned to the city.

In the same statement, the Club extended a public apology to all family members of the victims of the Srebrenica genocide.

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