Macedonia to Reserve Minority Seats in Parliament

August 30, 2007
Skopje _ Macedonia’s smaller ethnic communities and the country’s considerable émigré population will be reserved 13 new seats in the country’s parliament under a proposal the government announced Thursday.

The proposal would guarantee four seats in parliament for ethnic Turkish representatives, two new Roma deputies, two Serbian seats, and one each for Vlach and Bosnian deputies, government spokesman Ivica Bocevski told reporters.

Macedonians living abroad would have three new representatives in parliament, with one deputy from Australia, one from the United States, and one from Europe.

Bocevski said the changes in the electoral code needed to implement the proposal will increase the number of seats in the parliament from 120 to 133 and raise the number of electoral units from six to ten for the next elections.

The official government announcement came after Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski last week gained support for the proposal from the leaders of the parliamentary parties representing smaller ethnic groups.